Slik Safe Security

Why File Privacy & Security

Slik Safe is a secure place to store all your NFTs, TAX documents, and generally for any file that you find important or sensitive. We secure, replicate, and store your files in a way that only you can retrieve that data whenever you want, from wherever you want.

With end-to-end encryption, Slik Safe gives you unparalleled control to all your files, since the files are encrypted using your personal passphrase, before it leaves your device. It is like your own digital wallet, but for your personal files.

Support for Multiple Devices

Slik Safe is a web application that works on all browsers, desktop and mobile devices. You can thus access your files from the device that suits your convenience, whenever you want.

You're always in control

As a Slik Safe user, your files are always behind your unique passphrase. So no one can analyze them, or use them to profile you. They're yours and yours alone. Even we at Slik Safe do not have access to your files, and would take millions of years with access to a supercomputer to be able to open even a single file.

Technical White paper

You can download and read our technical white paper.
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Encrypted on your Devices

All your files are encrypted on your device before they leave your machine with your personal passphrase.

No Backdoors

Since all your files are encrypted on your device, there is no way for us at Slik Safe to access them ever. Even if we wanted, we could never access them.

Multiple Devices

Your files are encrypted and stored safely on the decentralized cloud. So that you can access them from wherever it is most convenient for you, on your favorite device.