File Sync with end-to-end encryption

With SlikSafe, you can backup and share
your important documents with end-to-end encryption.

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Auto Sync

SlikSafe automatically detects changes in your local folders and syncs them to Slik. It also instantly makes them available for search across Slik, while uploading them in the background.

Search ALL your files quickly

SlikSafe allows you to search through all your files instantly, across any of your connected devices.

Password-less Login

Login with your Phantom or MetaMask wallet directly into the app

Pay with Solana for as little as 0.01 SOL per GB

Pay with Solana for lifetime storage (ten years), or pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum or simply your credit card.

Encrypted and Decentralized

Your files are encrypted on your device and broken down into several pieces. These pieces are distributed and stored all over the world, thus your data is not owned by any one person or organization.

You can upload a file, and retrieve it across any of your devices.

Pay for storage in Cryptocurrency

Pay directly with Solana directly through your wallet or any other cryptocurrency

Password-less login

Your login experience is directly integrated with your wallet. Just login with Phantom or MetaMask and you're done!

Share files easily with end-to-end encryption

With SlikSafe, you can share files with a QR Code, unique link or using ENS names.

Share files with ease to everyone

Share files by email, link or simply sharing a QR Code. And yes, its still end-to-end encrypted.

Encrypted Sharing via ENS

You can simply share a file via Slik Safe using the ENS name of the user, e.g. alisha.eth

All your data is shared via Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) with end-to-end encryption.

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a fast growing community of 2k+ users

We have a highly engaged community of users who help decide how they want Slik to grow.

Right from suggesting their favorite features to voting on the next big feature, our community members earn rewards in form of NFT drops for supporting us early.

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Password Less

With SlikSafe, you can login using your favorite
Solana or Ethereum wallets.

Phantom Wallet

Sign in using your Phantom wallet without having to remember your password, ever.

MetaMask Wallet

Sign in using your MetaMask wallet without having to remember your password, ever.

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