How to Unzip Files on iPhone?

With a multitude of file types existing, zip files have maintained their importance for their unique compression and archival properties. If you are an iPhone user, opening zip files may seem somewhat confusing at first. No worries - this guide is here to help you simplify the process.

Jan 4, 2024

Understanding Zip Files

Zip files, also referred to as compressed files or archives, are essentially folders that contain one or more files which have been compressed to reduce their overall size. According to Statista, in the last five years globally, almost 75% of the population owns smartphones. The statistics highlight the importance of efficient file transfer in our everyday lives.

Before diving into the "how-to," it's essential to understand why zip files might be a critical part of your digital experience. Compressing files in a zip format:

  • Reduces overall file size, which saves storage space on devices and servers.

  • Makes it easier to send large files or groups of files electronically, thus improving efficiency in digital communication.

  • Allows for password-protected data transmission, adding a layer of security for sensitive information.

  • Facilitates organization by grouping related files into a single compressed folder.

  • Speeds up the download time for files due to their reduced size.

  • Preserves file integrity by preventing unwanted modifications or corruptions during transfers.

Opening Zip Files on Your iPhone

Starting with iOS 13, Apple integrated native support for zip files into the Files app, making it easier than ever to manage your compressed files. Apple comprehensively detailed these updates, redefining user experiences to feel seamless and straightforward. Here's how to open zip files right from your Files app:

  1. Find your zip file from your preferred location: iCloud Drive, On My iPhone, or a third-party app added to your Files app.

  2. Tap the zip file once. iOS will automatically uncompress the file, and you'll see a new folder with your unzipped files.

Using Third-Party Apps

While the built-in method works well, third-party apps such as Slik Safe can add an array of additional features, particularly focussing on security. Slik Safe, an advanced file management system, eases file accessibility and substantially boosts protection for your data.

Heightened Security

With its robust encryption, Slik Safe safeguards your confidential data. Hence, when opening sensitive zip files, you are assured that your information will remain secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users. Its advance document protection feature encrypts every file with a unique key, ensuring top-tier security.

Enhanced Usability

Slik Safe's design resonates with usability, facilitating zip file opening even for novice users. In Slik Safe, you can perform the same steps as Files app and also access its exclusive features.

Introducing Slik Safe Pro

Slik Safe users tap into the advantage of encrypted cloud storage. This means regardless of where you are, you can access, open, or even upload your zip files securely.

Navigating through Zip Files While Ensuring Safety

While the appeal of swiftly accessing content by quickly opening zip files received over the internet is undeniable, it's of paramount importance to prioritize safety. According to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon, nearly 22% of all breaches in the year 2019 were a consequence of phishing attacks. These attacks were largely enabled by insecure methods of opening files, making users unwittingly susceptible to cyber threats.

By choosing to use secure applications such as Slik Safe, you can significantly decrease your vulnerability to such risks when opening zip files. Slik Safe employs advanced encryption standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data, thus providing a secure environment for opening and accessing zip files.

Not only does this minimize the risk of data breaches, but it also protects your valuable information from unauthorized access and potential misuse. So, while convenience and speed are important, never compromise on the safety of your digital data. Always choose a secure method, like using Slik Safe, for opening zip files and accessing their content.

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Blazing Fast Search for your Files

Blazing Fast Search for your Files

Blazing Fast Search for your Files

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Search any file in <100ms while your data is securely stored with end-to-end encryption

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