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How to See Hidden Files on iPhone

Hidden files on an iPhone are files that are not visible by default in the file management system. These files are often system-related or used by applications to store data that users do not typically need to access or modify directly. Being able to view hidden files on your iPhone can be crucial in various situations. It allows you to troubleshoot issues, recover lost data, manage storage efficiently, and gain a better understanding of how your iPhone functions.

Sep 8, 2021


To understand hidden files on the iPhone, it's essential to be familiar with several key terminologies:

  1. File: A collection of digital data stored on a device.

  2. Hidden file: A file that is not visible or easily accessible through regular means.

  3. File extensions: The characters following the dot (.) in a file name, indicating the file's type or format.

Files can become hidden on an iPhone for various reasons. Some common scenarios include system files that users don't need to access, sensitive files that require privacy, or files that are temporarily hidden during specific operations or tasks.

Hidden files can affect your iPhone's functionality and storage in multiple ways. They can occupy valuable storage space, potentially lead to performance issues, and even cause conflicts with certain apps or system processes.

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Understanding iPhone’s File App

The Files app, introduced in iOS 11, serves as a centralized location for managing and organizing files on your iPhone. It provides access to both iCloud Drive and local storage, allowing you to browse, search, and interact with various file types.

The Files app offers a user-friendly interface to manage and find hidden files on your iPhone. It allows you to navigate through different folders, perform searches, and access files that are not immediately visible in other apps or locations.

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Steps to View Hidden Files on the iPhone

To view hidden files on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Files app on your iPhone.

  2. Navigate to the folder where you suspect the hidden file is located.

  3. Tap on the "More" (...) button in the top-right corner of the screen.

  4. Toggle on the "Hidden Items" option.

While the Files app provides basic functionality to view hidden files, third-party apps can offer additional features and flexibility. Some advantages include advanced search capabilities, file preview options, and integration with cloud storage services.

One popular third-party app for managing hidden files on the iPhone is Slik Safe. It provides a secure and encrypted environment to store and access sensitive files. Some pros and cons of using Slik Safe include:


  • Robust encryption for enhanced file security

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Seamless synchronization across devices

  • End to End Encryption

  • Cross device compatibility

Precautions to Keep in Mind

When accessing hidden files on your iPhone, it's essential to proceed with caution. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Be mindful of system files: Modifying or deleting critical system files can lead to instability or malfunctions.

  2. Backup important files: Before making any changes to hidden files, ensure you have a backup in case of data loss.

  3. Consider app-specific guidelines: Some apps may have their own methods of managing or accessing hidden files, so refer to their documentation if necessary.

Improper handling of hidden files can result in various negative consequences, such as data loss, app crashes, or even rendering your iPhone unusable. It's crucial to exercise caution and follow proper guidelines to avoid these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I differentiate between hidden and non-hidden files on the iPhone?

    • Hidden files are typically denoted by system attributes or specific file extensions. Enabling the "Hidden Items" option in the Files app reveals them.

  2. Can I edit or delete hidden files on my iPhone?

    • Editing or deleting hidden files can have unintended consequences. Exercise caution and only modify hidden files if you understand the potential impact.


Viewing hidden files on your iPhone can provide valuable insights and help you manage your device effectively. By following the steps mentioned in this article and utilizing reliable third-party apps, you can access hidden files with confidence. Take advantage of the knowledge gained from this article to delve into your iPhone's hidden files and optimize your storage. Maintaining a well-organized file system ensures that your iPhone runs smoothly and efficiently.

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