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How to Scan Documents with iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to quickly convert physical documents into digital files is indispensable. With the advent of advanced mobile technology, you no longer need a bulky scanner to digitize your papers. Your iPhone is all you need! This guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to scan documents with your iPhone, providing tips and tricks for the best results.

Why Scan Documents with iPhone?


Carrying a smartphone is far more convenient than toting around a portable scanner. With your iPhone, document scanning is always at your fingertips.


The built-in Camera app on the iPhone, along with other third-party applications, offers high-quality scans that can rival traditional scanners.


Scanning documents with your iPhone allows for quick sharing, easy storage, and immediate access on the go, boosting productivity.

Built-In iPhone Scanning Method

Using the Notes App

  1. Open the Notes App: Launch the built-in Notes app on your iPhone.
  2. Create a New Note: Tap the "Compose" button (it looks like a square with a pencil) to create a new note.
  3. Access the Camera: Tap the camera icon within the note and select "Scan Documents."
  4. Scan the Document:
    • Position the Document: Align your document within the camera frame. The app will automatically detect the edges and capture the scan. You can manually capture the scan by tapping the shutter button.
    • Adjust and Confirm: Adjust the corners if needed, and tap "Keep Scan" to save the document.
  5. Save the Scan: Once done, tap "Save" to store the scanned document in your note.

Third-Party iPhone Scanning Apps

There are several third-party apps that offer additional features not available in the default Notes app. Here are a few popular options:

Adobe Scan

  1. Download Adobe Scan: Install Adobe Scan from the App Store.
  2. Launch the App and Sign In: Open Adobe Scan and sign in with your Adobe ID, Google, or Facebook account.
  3. Capture the Document:
    • Tap the camera icon to start scanning.
    • Align the document and let the app automatically capture and enhance the scan.
  4. Save and Share: Once scanned, save the document as a PDF or image and share it via email, cloud services, or other platforms.


  1. Download CamScanner: Install CamScanner from the App Store.
  2. Launch the App and Create an Account: Open CamScanner and create an account or sign in.
  3. Scan the Document:
    • Tap the camera icon to initiate the scan.
    • Align the document and capture it, allowing the app to automatically enhance it.
  4. Edit and Save: Edit the scan if necessary, then save and export it to your desired format.

Microsoft Office Lens

  1. Download Microsoft Office Lens: Install Microsoft Office Lens from the App Store.
  2. Launch the App and Sign In: Open Office Lens and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  3. Capture the Document:
    • Select the Document mode and align your document within the frame.
    • Capture the scan, and the app will automatically enhance the image.
  4. Save and Share: Save the scanned document as a PDF, Word file, or image, and share it through email, cloud, or other services.

Tips and Tricks for Better Scans

  1. Good Lighting: Ensure your workspace is well-lit to capture clear scans without shadows.
  2. Steady Hands: Keep your hands steady while scanning to avoid blurry images.
  3. Flat Surface: Place the document on a flat, clutter-free surface for the best results.
  4. Edge Detection: Use apps that offer automatic edge detection and enhancement for professional-looking scans.
  5. Storage and Organization: Use cloud storage options like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox to organize and back up your scanned documents.


Scanning documents with your iPhone has never been easier. Whether you're using the built-in Notes app or a third-party application like Adobe Scan, CamScanner, or Microsoft Office Lens, you can quickly and efficiently digitize your documents. Follow the steps and tips outlined in this guide to ensure high-quality scans every time.

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