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High Efficiency Image Container
High Efficiency Image File Format is a container format for storing individual digital images and image sequences. The standard covers multimedia files that can also include other media streams, such as timed text, audio and video...
Portable Network Graphics
Portable Network Graphics is a raster-graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. PNG was developed as an improved, non-patented replacement for Graphics Interchange Format.

Free and Fast Methods to Convert HEIC to PNG Online

In the digital age, seamlessly converting image formats is crucial for enhancing user experience and optimizing storage. One format garnering attention is HEIC (High Efficiency Image Container), Apple's go-to choice for its devices since iOS 11. Efficiently compressing images without compromising quality, HEIC offers smaller file sizes compared to traditional formats like JPEG.

However, the need to convert HEIC to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) often arises due to PNG's universal compatibility and lossless compression. Fortunately, online tools like Slik Safe provide fast, free, and bulk conversion options across devices, ensuring a seamless transition from HEIC to the widely recognized PNG format.

Understanding HEIC and PNG Formats

What is HEIC?

HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) is a modern image file format developed by MPEG. It stands for High-Efficiency Image File Format and is often used interchangeably with HEIF. Apple adopted HEIC as the default format for saving images on macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 devices, including iPhones from iPhone 7 onwards.

Advantages of HEIC

  • HEIC files offer significantly smaller file sizes compared to traditional formats like JPEG, while maintaining high image quality. They can compress images up to 50% smaller than JPEGs.
  • HEIC supports transparency, allowing for seamless integration of images with transparent backgrounds, similar to PNGs.
  • It can store additional data like image sequences, thumbnails, HDR data, and metadata alongside the image itself.
  • HEIC supports lossless editing, allowing for non-destructive edits like rotation and cropping without resaving or altering the original image.

What is PNG?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a widely used lossless image format, originally designed as an improved replacement for GIF. It supports up to 16 million colors and is commonly used for web graphics, logos, charts, and illustrations due to its ability to handle transparent backgrounds.

Use cases for PNG

  • PNGs are ideal for displaying high-contrast graphics, illustrations, and text-based images on the web due to their lossless compression and accurate color representation.
  • They are often the default format for screenshot images, as they can accurately represent desktop visuals without compression artifacts.
  • The transparency support in PNGs makes them suitable for creating logos and graphics that can seamlessly blend with various backgrounds.
  • PNGs are widely compatible across web browsers, image viewers, and graphics software, making them a versatile choice for various applications.

Steps to Convert HEIC to PNG

Here are the steps to convert HEIC to PNG:

Uploading HEIC files

Visit a reliable online converter like Slik Safe and click "Choose Files" or drag and drop the HEIC files you want to convert. Most converters allow batch processing of up to 100 files simultaneously.

Configuring conversion settings

Select PNG as the desired output format. Some converters offer additional options like adjusting quality or resizing the image.

Initiating the conversion process

Once the files and settings are configured, click "Convert" to begin the conversion process. The converter will process the HEIC files and generate PNG versions.

Downloading the converted PNG files

After conversion, you can download the PNG files individually by clicking the respective links or download them all at once. Some converters provide options to save files directly to cloud storage or generate QR codes for mobile downloads.

Benefits of Converting HEIC to PNG

Converting HEIC images to PNG offers several key benefits:

Improved Compatibility

PNG is a widely accepted format supported by almost all image viewers, web browsers, and operating systems. By converting HEIC files to PNG, you ensure they will be viewable without the need for specialized software or conversion tools, enhancing cross-platform compatibility.

Easier Sharing and Collaboration

PNG files are generally more accepted and easier to upload to various platforms, including social media, websites, and email. This facilitates smoother communication with customers and stakeholders, as there's no need to worry about file compatibility issues. Sharing high-quality PNG images helps maintain a consistent and professional image across all business channels.

Editing and Customization Options

Unlike HEIC files, which can be complex to edit due to their proprietary nature, PNGs are readily accepted by a wide range of editing software. Converting HEIC to PNG grants flexibility to make quick adjustments, apply filters, or resize images using favorite editing tools, crucial for timely business operations and marketing materials.


In the era of digital media and cross-platform sharing, the ability to seamlessly convert image formats is crucial. Converting HEIC files to the widely compatible PNG format offers several advantages, including improved accessibility, easier sharing and collaboration, and enhanced editing capabilities. By leveraging online converters like Slik Safe, users can quickly and effortlessly transform their HEIC images into PNGs, ensuring optimal compatibility across various platforms and devices.

The conversion process is straightforward, requiring users to simply upload their HEIC files, select PNG as the output format, and initiate the conversion. Slik Safe's fast, free, and bulk conversion options make it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses alike. Download Slik Safe to streamline your image conversion needs and unlock the benefits of the versatile PNG format.

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