How to Delete Files from Google Drive on iPhone

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service that allows users to store files securely and access them from any device with an internet connection. It provides ample storage space and makes file management convenient for iPhone users. Managing storage on your iPhone is essential to ensure optimal performance and create space for new files, photos, and apps. Deleting unnecessary files from Google Drive helps free up storage on your device, allowing you to make the most of its capabilities.

11 abr 2022

Understanding How Google Drive Works on iPhone

Google Drive syncs seamlessly with the iPhone, ensuring that any changes made on one device are reflected across all devices connected to the same Google account. This sync feature allows users to access files from different devices and edit or delete them as needed.

When using Google Drive on your iPhone, it's crucial to understand how space is consumed. Every file and folder you store on Google Drive takes up storage space. The larger the files, the more space they occupy. It's essential to regularly manage and delete unnecessary files to maintain sufficient storage.

Pre-requisites before Deleting Files from Google Drive

A. Ensuring necessary backup of important files Before deleting any files from Google Drive, it's crucial to ensure that you have appropriate backups of important files. This backup ensures that you don't accidentally delete critical files and can restore them if needed.

B. Checking the availability of an update for Google Drive app To ensure a smooth file deletion process, check if an update for the Google Drive app is available on the App Store. Updating the app to the latest version ensures that you have access to all the features and improvements provided by Google.

C. Making sure you're logged into the right Google Account Double-check that you are logged into the correct Google Account on your iPhone. Ensure that it is the same account used to access Google Drive to avoid any confusion or accidental deletions.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Delete Files from Google Drive

A. Locating Google Drive app on iPhone To delete files from Google Drive on your iPhone, first, locate and open the Google Drive app on your device. The app icon resembles a triangle with different colors.

B. Finding the file or folder to delete Once you have opened the Google Drive app, navigate through the folders to find the file or folder you wish to delete. You can explore the folder hierarchy by tapping on each folder to access subfolders or files.

C. Steps to delete a single file

  1. Once you have located the file you want to delete, swipe left on the file's name to reveal a menu of options.

  2. From the menu, tap on the "More" button (represented by three dots).

  3. A new menu will appear, presenting various options. Tap on the "Remove" option.

  4. Confirm the deletion by tapping on the "Remove" button again in the prompt that appears.

D. Steps to delete multiple files

  1. To delete multiple files at once, navigate to the folder containing the files you wish to delete.

  2. Tap on the "Select" button located in the top-right corner of the screen.

  3. A selection circle will appear next to each file. Tap on the circles next to the files you want to delete to mark them.

  4. Once you have selected all the files, tap on the "Trash can" icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  5. Confirm the deletion by tapping on the "Remove" button in the prompt that appears.

E. Steps to delete a shared file

  1. If you want to delete a file shared by someone else, you need permission to delete it. Reach out to the file owner and request them to remove the file.

  2. Once the file owner deletes the shared file from their Google Drive, it will no longer appear in your Google Drive.

D. Steps to permanently delete or recover recently deleted file Google Drive allows you to recover or permanently delete files within a specific timeframe after deletion.

Follow these steps to recover or permanently delete files:

  1. Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone.

  2. Tap on the menu icon (represented by three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner of the screen.

  3. From the menu, tap on the "Trash" option.

  4. You will see a list of files you recently deleted. Swipe left on the file you wish to recover or permanently delete.

  5. From the options revealed, tap on either the "Restore" or "Delete forever" button, depending on your requirement.

  6. Confirm the action by tapping the respective buttons in the prompt that appears.

How to use External Software to quickly delete files from Google Drive:

To use Slik Safe to quickly delete data from Google Drive, follow these steps:

  • Download Slik Safe from their official website.

  • Open Slik Safe and go to the "Connected Folders" tab.

  • Add different connected folders from your Google Drive accounts to Slik Safe.

  • Monitor the real-time progress of the backup process in Slik Safe.

  • After the transfer is complete, use the Slik Safe interface to quickly search and delete folders and files from your Google Drive.

  • Slik Safe automatically syncs with your Google Drive account, so any changes you make in Slik Safe will be reflected in your Google Drive account.

Troubleshooting Potential Issues

A. What to do when deletion is not immediately reflecting on iPhone storage

If the deletion of files from Google Drive is not immediately reflecting on your iPhone storage, give it some time to sync. The changes may take a few moments to sync across all your devices. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to speed up the syncing process.

B. Understanding why a deleted file might still be found on Drive

Sometimes, deleted files may still appear on Google Drive due to caching or syncing issues. Clearing cache or force-syncing the app can help resolve this problem. Instructions on how to clear cache and force sync on Google Drive can be found in the official Google Drive support documentation [^1].

C. Resolving issues of unsuccessful file deletion attempts

If you encounter issues with unsuccessful file deletion attempts, ensure that the file is not open or actively being used by any other application. If the problem persists, try restarting your iPhone and attempt the deletion process again. If the issue continues, reach out to Google Drive support for further assistance.

Measures to Maintain Effective Google Drive Space

A. Regular checks and cleanups

To maintain effective Google Drive space, perform regular checks and cleanups. Delete unnecessary files, folders, and duplicates to free up storage and keep your Google Drive organized.

B. Using the "Storage Management" tool

Google Drive provides a useful "Storage Management" tool that helps monitor and manage the storage space consumed by various file types. Utilize this tool to identify large files and old files that can be deleted or moved to free up space.

C. Benefits of using external storage apps like Slik safe website

In addition to Google Drive, consider using external storage apps like Slik safe website [^2] to store files securely and create additional backup options. These apps offer end-to-end encryption and other security measures to protect your data.


Deleting files from Google Drive on your iPhone is a simple process that involves locating the file, selecting the appropriate deletion method, and confirming the deletion. Regularly managing your Google Drive storage ensures optimal performance and creates space for new files.

Regular maintenance of Google Drive storage is crucial to maximize available space and keep your files organized. Regular cleanups and the utilization of storage management tools help streamline your Google Drive experience.

Remember to create backups of important files using apps like Slik Safe before deleting them and be cautious when deleting shared files that may require permission from the owner.

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