Why Decentralized File Storage and Sharing Makes Sense

Wondering why decentralized file storage and sharing makes sense? We've narrowed it down to the top five benefits to help explain a bit more.

Why Decentralized File Storage and Sharing Makes Sense

Decentralized storage is theorized about by many, even with Ethereum.org describing how it might work in a hypothetical sense. For most entering the world of web3, the common question arises: “why would I shift from my centralized storage solution (i.e., Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)?” We’ve narrowed it down to five key benefits that help explain.

Private ownership of data

Decentralized storage allows you to be the true owner of your data, ensuring that no single entity will have access to it by distributing it across a network of computers. Additional privacy is provided by the high levels of security found within solutions at companies like Slik, where the added high-grade AES 256 encryption provided ensures your files are secure from attacks or breaches in any way, shape form.

File recovery: any time and anywhere

Recover files whenever you want! Since all files are encrypted and distributed across a network of nodes while being stored on the Filecoin network, you’ll never have to worry about file recovery. Your personal decryption key is all that is needed to get your entire data back. In centralized storage solutions, you have no path of recovery, if your account is breached or you are subject to a ransomware attack.

Avoids single-point failure

Decentralization comes with an inherent fallback mechanism. Each file is first replicated and then broken down into small chunks that are spread over a network of 10K+ nodes. Thus, even if a node (aka server) goes down, there are various other nodes to choose from, and thus your data is always available to you.

Note this fallback mechanism happens silently in the background while you use Slik.

Easy access to your data

Wallet login is one of the critical tenets of web3; using the exact mechanism that many people have used to enter the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) over the last 18 months, you can access your decentralized files with just a few clicks. This kind of ease-of-use makes platforms like SlikSafe and others a differentiator.

Increased performance

It is not unusual for a server to be shut down due to excess traffic or a DDOS attack, and it is unlikely that hundreds of nodes would be offline at a single time. Thus, through a decentralized file system, you can download/transfer files faster and have increased reliability/speed of file access for ones that matter the most.

Openly Share and Collaborate

All the files and folders on Slik can be simply shared as a link (or QR code) with your friends or teams. They can use this link to view, edit and collaborate in Realtime, all while the files are private and decentralized.

As we see web3 technologies adopted worldwide, decentralized file storage will be one of the first few ways to interact with blockchains. Slik provides that utility while abstracting away all the complexities and keeping the experience simple for everyone. Learn more about SlikSafe.

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