Drag. Drop. Decentralized.

Drag. Drop. Decentralized. Quickly start sharing your files and experience decentralized file storage with SlikSafe.

SlikSafe lets you store your data privately via decentralized storage in 3 simple steps.

  1. Open SlikSafe.com and click Login. You would now have options to login via your Google account, email or your favorite crypto wallet, MetaMask or Phantom.
  2. You’ll now be shown a seed-phrase with a download button. Save this seed-phrase safely. We use this seed-phrase to encrypt your files,
  3. You’re all setup. Now you’ll see an empty window to drag and drop your file.

Every file that you store on SlikSafe is first encrypted on your device and then stored on the decentralized web. Since each file is encrypted using your keys, only you control who can see your files.

Why decentralization?

SlikSafe stores all your files on a decentralized storage, because -

  1. It is cheap — Just $0.99 for 75GB of storage.
  2. It is fast — Parts of your file are downloaded in parallel from different servers worldwide.
  3. It is permanent — Each file is stored across a network of 10,000+ nodes.

The Slik protocol just ensures that every file that is stored on the decentralized storage is encrypted securely with your keys.

Can we share & collaborate?

The Slik protocol also ensures that you can share and collaborate on files with end-to-end encryption. From within SlikSafe, you can either share a private link to a folder, or add their name and email so that your friend receives a link via email, to start collaborating.

What kind of files can I share using SlikSafe?

SlikSafe is a safe place to store your most sensitive and personal files, photos or videos. Simply drag and drop them, and SlikSafe takes care of giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Try SlikSafe today and let us know what you think!

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Website: sliksafe.com

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